CJBAThe CJBA is a unique 8 week basketball league for Jewish men ages 18+ developed to help recreate your “teenage basketball-team experience”. The league, funded by the Mount Sinai Health Care Foundation will feature 4 teams (unless we get more people than we’re expecting!) facing off in a double round robin tournament, followed by a single elimination playoff- all in 8 consecutive weeks of play.

Games will take place at the Schechter gym  at 8pm and 9pm on Monday nights, from January 5 to February 23 and will feature hired referees and statisticians to keep the league organized competitive, and fun.

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Learn more at KlatzkoBrothers.com

unnamed (1)CDs ($5) and DVDs ($10) of Rabbi Wachsman’s speech and singing, are now available for sale in the Kollel.

Email beachwoodkollel@gmail.com  to place an order.

You can purchase the CD as a download ($4) by clicking Here.

If you want to watch the DVD Presentation that was shown at the Melave Malka click here (Password: Kollel YCM).

Meanwhile relive Motzoei Shabbos by clicking here  to view the pictures.

The Gemara, Shabbos 23a states that women are obligated in ner Chanuka since they were also involved in the miracle of Chanuka.

Rashi explains that the Greeks had enacted a law that any kallah that got married would have to first be secluded with the Greek general and only afterwards would go to the chupah. Also, the miracle of Chanuka was brought about through a woman.

Therefore, even though ordinarily women are exempt from any mitzvah which is time-bound, Chanuka is an exception and women are obligated in ner Chanuka.

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Mature, Shomer Shabbat  women looking for employment offering medical companionship, transportation, babysitting, office work, housekeeping, mother’s helper, and more. Personable, intelligent, and responsible. Good with kids and elderly. Has own vehicle.  Contact Hen Shoshan – 216 – 272-9536. Tuli5789@gmail.com.



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