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The owner of Lax and Mandel Bakery in South Euclid is fighting on two fronts – for his survival and for his business.

University Heights resident Barak Ben-Tor, 42, was diagnosed with a rare form of adrenal cancer three years ago. His original tumor was removed, but the cancer has returned multiple times despite surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation.


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A teacher position is available at Torah Nursery. For more information, please contact Chemda Jacobs @ 216.381.3900216.321.6937or e-mail to

(LocalJewishNews continues to try to do its part to assist community members to find employment by offering free help wanted ads to community businesses and organizations. So if you have a position to fill, let us know at Check out other job offerings in our New Classifieds Section)

3844Bendemeer3844 Bendemeer Road.

3 bedrooms, 1 1/2 bathrooms, freshly painted. Rent is $995 per month.

Call 216-321-0547.

The Rema (Hilchos Purim O.C. 696:8) relates an incredible chiddush:

He cites the work of the Teshuvos Mahari Mintz Siman 17 (Rabbi Yehuda Mintz, Italy 1400’s) that there was not only a custom for people to wear masks, but to cross-dress as well. Men would dress up in women’s clothing, and men would dress up in women’s clothing on Purim. There is no issur of Lo Silbash in this case since they are only wearing it with the intention of simcha, not for zenus.  We also find a similar idea with regards to wearing kelayim dirabanan that this is permitted on Purim since it is only intended for simcha. Some argue that there is in fact an issur in this however the custom is to indeed allow it. More so, even if people grab from one another out of simcha there is no issur of lo sigzol.

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Learn more about Yesh Tikvah here >>  or Visit their web site >> 


This East Side suburb is set to gain its first hotel, as part of a $33 million proposed expansion of the Legacy Village shopping center.

First Interstate Properties, Ltd., hopes to build a 135-room Hyatt Place and a garage on the north side of Legacy Village. The buildings would replace a parking lot and would link to walkways opening onto the lifestyle center’s main street.

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Learn more about Yesh Tikvah here >>  or Visit their web site >> 

Green & Clean is proud to serve the Cleveland Orthodox community as a Shomer Shabbos full-service carpet cleaning company.

For readers of LJN, enjoy our newest offer: Pre-Pesach Special – $99.99 – Carpet Cleaning for Any 5 Rooms!

Also $49.99 – carpet cleaning for two rooms and a FREE hallway! Both offers include FREE deodorizing and sanitizer. Offices too (some limitations apply). 

A picture is worth a 1000 words so I wanted to share with you examples of the  huge difference that a professional carpet cleaner can really make! Please continue reading to view some picture examples of the dramatic changes that I see every day in my customer’s homes.




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