Rabbi Charlop’s 5 min Telephone Conference

Posted by afeinstein | 17 February 2013 | No Comments
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Rabbi Alexander Charlop is currently offering a daily teleconference which is now studying Inyanei Purim. Monday through Friday at 12:55. Dial-in Number:(949) 812-4500 Access Code:660081# If you would like a daily text message please email shulupdates@zichronchaim.org Please DO NOT announce your name and please mute your phone.


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  • Baruch Dayan Ha’emes (1)
    • Ungers Fan#1: R’ Moshe, you will be sorely missed Your heart of gold was a real inspiration for all of us
  • Warning About A New Cleaning Business Serving Our Community (12)
    • lo Zehu...: Dear M,if u don’t know about it but are considering to use one of the locals….then what?!
    • M: When asked, my Rav advised not to use this person. There are halachic issues involved. Aside from that, there are other issues. If you...
    • Sarah: My rav also has no idea what the issue would be. If a person has a cleaning lady agency and then has a problem with one of her employees....
    • Doreen Warn: At least give us the names of Rabbonim in the know
    • Chaya: I called my Rav and he had no idea what this is about. It sounds like someone is bitter about losing business to competition. Everyone is...
    • EC: I second both Rivka and Steve. a “general warning” is no warning at all unless you tell us who the company and individual is.
    • M: Perhaps this person is referring to the recent situation where someone convinced many of the house cleaners who work for frum families to leave,...


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